Resource Area (foyer to rooms 1 and 2)

  • Art showing and conversation: Gwen Machin, Student of Sculpture, Edinburgh College of Art. Gwen will be working on a sculpture and available for conversation. She writes: ‘As a sculptor, I work with objects and materials, combining natural elements with the man made to create questions around environment. Currently I’m working on a piece influenced by liminal spaces and travel between nature and city’.
  • Stories on a postcard: a chance to write a story in a few lines, about a transformative educational experience, and display it on the day. These will be archived after the event.

Room 1

Connection Hub: Stalls, for information and inspiration, and including opportunities for people to sign up to initiatives

Magda Bennett, Centre of Open Learning,
The Access Programme focuses on people from underprivileged environment to help them gain University education

 Sarah Anderson and Eppy Harries-Pugh, Social Responsibility and Sustainability, including a mapping of the University’s Community Engagement activities
The Department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability works to enable the University to understand, explain and deliver on its ambition to be a leading socially responsible and sustainable university. Targeted programmes support the delivery of the Climate Strategy, the SRS Strategy as well as the Community Engagement Strategy.

 Hamish McLeod, Digital Education
Hamish MacLeod of Moray House, the School of Education is an expert in new digital skills for creating interactive open educational resources, and the potential of digital education to bring education those who might otherwise lack access.

Aoife Keenan and Clair Murray, Widening Participation
Widening Participation at the University of Edinburgh: We aim to address the discrepancies in the take-up of higher education opportunities between different social groups therefore; we work to raise aspirations and educational attainment among prospective students from under-represented groups.

Richard McLauchlan, Light up Learning
Light Up Learning provides one-to-one mentoring for high school students in Edinburgh and the Lothians. It aims to address issues of unequal access to education and disengagement in the classroom by creating low-stress, supportive, and playful learning environments

John Grieve, Staged for Life
‘Staged for Life,, an employability project that breaks down barriers that prevent people accessing arts, media and events industries.

CNaM Network. Alistair Hunter available before 1300 and after 1430.
The Citizens, Nations and Migration (CNaM) Network brings together researchers from across the University of Edinburgh as well as people working in policy, the third sector and advocacy. We host regular public events with leading contributors from academia, advocacy, the arts, and policymaking, and also organise activities for members who are PhD students and early career researchers.

Room 2

Films and slide shows to be shown on a loop upstairs, and some also to accompany presentations downstairs, including:

  • Project Soothe film
  • ‘Spirituality and Dementia’ a School of Health and Chaplaincy film by PhD Student Frankie Greenwood
  • U People
  • Teen spirit
  • Soweto Melodic Voices, various
  • Project Elpis
  • Project Play, Syria programme and worldwide
  • A Light for Aleppo
  • Sanctuary Walk
  • Forthview Primary
  • EducAid, Sierra Leone, links with a local school in Scotland, sending photos of things that matter to them
  • Polish Medical School 70th and 75th anniversary films
  • Annette and students: images from German experience and outreach in schools
  • Syrian Voices, Welcoming Centre

Team Area

Michael Gallagher, Research Associate, and James Lamb, ESRC-funded Doctroal student, at the Centre for Research in Digital Education give two short, closely-linked presentations, with time for questions: 20 minute session in total. Starting 12.45pm

Digital multimodal pedagogy: Drawing on research from a range of settings, James Lamb will ask whether pedagogy with an overtly digital and multimodal emphasis can simultaneously support learning amongst refugee communities and students

Mobile learning: As an alternative to conventional classroom-based education. Michael Gallagher will review select mobile learning projects for refugee populations

Learning together Activities

(sign up needed for these via the website, with c 15 places per activity)

Cities that Listen (Geoffrey Baines and Steve Earl):

  • Library of Awesome 1.30-2.30-pm
  • Time for yourself with others, 3-4pm