Presentations from When Education Becomes Possible

Big post today.

Below you will find the presentations made at the event we held on October 25th.You’ll see it was a wide ranging and interesting day.

Most files are over 10mb so perhaps don’t look at them on your phone…

‘From “A Light for Aleppo” to “A Light for All”’, Harriet Harris MBE, University Chaplain.

‘Sanctuary Walk and Humanitarian Assistance Fund’, Alison Newell, Associate Chaplain

Learning and refugee support, Michael Gallagher and James Lamb, UoE Digital Mobile

Wikipediea Ewan McAndrew, open Education Team

 ‘The Polish School of Medicine at The University of Edinburgh 1941-1949- a unique and enduring relationship’,Maria Dlugolecka-Graham MBE.

‘Religious Communities and Migration: A Report from Europe’ Joshua Ralston

‘The Doctor With A Gallon Of Water,Eliane Du

‘Scholarships and support for refugees and displaced persons, and Equal Access campaign’, Chris Yeomans,

 ‘Academic citizenship beyond borders’, Sophia Woodman.

 ‘STREET, Syrian tutoring programme’, Nadine Aktaa, Amer Masri, and others Syrian coordinators Nadine Aktaa, Amer Masri,

‘Project Elpis and Raspberry Pi’ Alexandros Angelopoulos and Sam Kellerhals,

‘Sharing Languages: Edinburgh Students work with refugees in Germany’, Annette Gotzkes

‘Philosophy in Prisons: Critical thinking and Community of Philosophical Inquiry’, Mary Bovill

‘Love and the Pilgrim: reflections on Burne-Jones’ painting, Carol Richardson is Senior Lecturer in History of Art at the University of Edinburgh

 ‘Spiritual awareness and compassion in healthcare’ Laura Candiotto,

‘Inspiring Live…Changing Lives’ Brian Cameron, Rachel Wignall

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