Gwen Machin – Artist in Residence

It’s been a week since we held the event and feedback is beginning trickle through. We begin with Gwen Machin. Gwen was artist in residence for the day, available for conversation while she worked on her sculptures and talked through her projects.

“As a sculptor, I work with objects and materials, combining natural elements with the man made to create questions around environment. Currently I’m working on a piece influenced by liminal spaces and travel between nature and city”. – Gwen Machin

After the event, Gwen wrote, “The day was interesting because it got me thinking about education in different ways and about how valuable it is to everyone. I had some fascinating convocations which got me thinking about everything including religion, education and what it is to be creative. It would be great to get involved in more convocations about the vocational aspects of education and how art can be a way of learning.”

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