When Education Becomes Possible

University Chaplaincy Centre, 1 Bristo Square, Edinburgh,EH8 9AL (MAP LINK)

11:30am-4:00pm Wednesday 25th October 2017

Our event focused on the transformative nature of education. Often paths to education are obstructed through political, social or personal turmoil. We told and heard stories of education being brought within people’s reach and transforming lives, including: scholarships for refugees, tutoring for newly arrived Syrian teenagers, access to arts training for young unemployed, crossing boundaries in health education, finding what you really want to do, taking philosophy to prisons

The full programme is available in the PDF opposite (1.6mb).  It contains details on all 25 presentations held in the main auditorium plus the events, groups and media to be found on the first floor.


‘From “A Light for Aleppo” to “A Light for All”’, Harriet Harris MBE, University Chaplain.

‘A Light for Aleppo Slideshow’, Harriet Harris MBE, University Chaplain.

‘Sanctuary Walk and Humanitarian Assistance Fund’, Alison Newell, Associate Chaplain

Learning and refugee support, Michael Gallagher and James Lamb, UoE Digital Mobile

Wikipediea Ewan McAndrew, open Education Team

 ‘The Polish School of Medicine at The University of Edinburgh 1941-1949- a unique and enduring relationship’,Maria Dlugolecka-Graham MBE.

‘Religious Communities and Migration: A Report from Europe’ Joshua Ralston

‘The Doctor With A Gallon Of Water,Eliane Du

‘Scholarships and support for refugees and displaced persons, and Equal Access campaign’, Chris Yeomans,

 ‘Academic citizenship beyond borders’, Sophia Woodman.

 ‘STREET, Syrian tutoring programme’, Nadine Aktaa, Amer Masri, and others Syrian coordinators Nadine Aktaa, Amer Masri,

‘Project Elpis and Raspberry Pi’ Alexandros Angelopoulos and Sam Kellerhals,

‘Sharing Languages: Edinburgh Students work with refugees in Germany’, Annette Gotzkes

‘Philosophy in Prisons: Critical thinking and Community of Philosophical Inquiry’, Mary Bovill

‘Love and the Pilgrim: reflections on Burne-Jones’ painting, Carol Richardson is Senior Lecturer in History of Art at the University of Edinburgh

 ‘Spiritual awareness and compassion in healthcare’ Laura Candiotto,

‘Inspiring Live…Changing Lives’ Brian Cameron, Rachel Wignall

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The Citizens, Nations and Migration Network brings together researchers to focus on the interconnections between our three themes.
The Centre for Research in Digital education specialises in open education, children and technology.
We work to make education more accessible and welcoming to asylum seekers and refugees.
The Centre for Open Learning (COL) is where the University reaches out to the wider community through part-time and short courses.
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When Education Becomes Possible

Imagine what happens when we are cut off from education through conflict, natural disaster, or disadvantaged circumstances. How does your education begin again, and what difference does it make to individuals and communities, schools and universities? These are the big questions we’re immersing ourselves in through story, life experiences and pictorial exhibits. This event is organised and managed by the University of Edinburgh Chaplaincy.

Chaplaincy Details

  •   +44 (0)131 650 2595
  •   1 Bristo Square, Edinburgh, EH8 9AL
  •   chaplaincy@ed.ac.uk.


Please use the contact form below to get in touch with us for any aspect of the event.
. All press requests should be directed to the University of Edinburgh Press office via press.office@ed.ac.uk


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Presentations from When Education Becomes Possible

Big post today. Below you will find the presentations made at the event we held on October 25th.You’ll see it was a wide ranging and interesting day. Most files are over 10mb so perhaps don’t look at them on your phone… ‘From “A Light for Aleppo” to “A Light for All”’, Harriet Harris MBE, University […]

Gwen Machin – Artist in Residence

It’s been a week since we held the event and feedback is beginning trickle through. We begin with Gwen Machin. Gwen was artist in residence for the day, available for conversation while she worked on her sculptures and talked through her projects. “As a sculptor, I work with objects and materials, combining natural elements with […]

Our Partners at the University of Edinburgh

We are delighted to be working with so many people and departments from the University of Edinburgh. Having such diverse partners allows us to explore many facets of the questions; How does your education begin again after disruption? What difference can such engagement make to individuals and communities, schools and universities? We would encourage you to visit the […]

Time for yourself with others – Free Workshop!

The idea is simple, but powerful. Someone gets a chance to speak about a subject that is important to them; themselves. We get to listen and ask generous questions and respond appreciatively. Helping us witness and be part of a story of personal significance. This is an hour long session and we only have 15 […]

Library of Awesome – Free Workshop!

#libraryofawesome began life as a gathering of twelve or so people wanting to explore together how it was possible to support others in taking new directions in life. We think not only of a library of books and on-line resources, but also a ‘library of people’ as resources. The concept has fed ways of thinking and […]

Announcing When Education Becomes Possible

On Wednesday 25th October 2017 the Bristo Square Chaplaincy will run and host a Conference from 11:30-16:00 as part of the Scottish International Storytelling Festival. Our focus at “When Education Becomes Possible” will be the transformative nature of education.  Often paths to education are obstructed through political, social or personal turmoil.  We will hear and […]